Source code for bgdev.utils.hotkey

"""Easily create custom hotkey.

:created: 11/02/2019
:author: Benoit GIELLY <>
import logging

from maya import cmds
import yaml

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def valid_keyset(): """Make sure the current hotkey set is valid.""" if cmds.hotkeySet(query=True, current=True) == "Maya_Default": msg = ( "You are using the default hotkey set. Please, go in the hotkey " "editor to create a new one and run this script again" ) LOG.warning(msg) return False return True
[docs]def create_hotkeys_from_yaml(path=None): """Quickly re-create custom hotkeys from a yaml file.""" if not valid_keyset(): return hotkey_file = path or __file__.rsplit(".")[0] + ".yaml" with open(hotkey_file, "r") as stream: data = yaml.load(stream) for name, flags in data.items(): command = flags.pop("command", None) keys = flags.pop("keys", None) if command and keys: create_hotkey(name, command, keys, **flags)
[docs]def create_hotkey( # pylint: disable=too-many-arguments name, command, keys, edit=False, annotation="New user script", category="custom", language="python", ): """Create a user hotkey with its namedCommand. Args: name (str): Name of the command to attach to a hotkey command (str): The command to run. Must be an executable string. keys (str): The hotkey to use. If you want modifiers, add them before the keyboard key and separate them with "+". Eg. "alt+shift+A". edit (bool): If a command already exists and you want to update it. annotation (str): Add an annotation to the command/hotkey category (str): The category in which you add the command. Default is "Custom Scripts.custom" language (str): The source language used by the command. Must be either "mel" or "python" """ key = keys.rsplit("+")[-1] mods = keys.rsplit("+")[:-1] or [] mods_flags = {} for each in mods: if each.lower() in ["alt", "ctrl", "shift"]: mods_flags[each.lower() + "Modifier"] = True cmd_exists = cmds.runTimeCommand(name, query=True, exists=True) if cmd_exists and not edit: msg = ( "{0!r} command already exists, " "please use a different name or " 'add the "edit=True" flag' ).format(name) LOG.warning(msg) return flags = dict(edit=edit) if cmd_exists else {} cmds.runTimeCommand( name, annotation=annotation, category="Custom Scripts." + category, commandLanguage=language, command=command, **flags ) cmds.nameCommand( name + "_userCommand", annotation=annotation, command=name ) if not valid_keyset(): return cmds.hotkey(keyShortcut=key, name=name + "_userCommand", **mods_flags)