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"""Custom tools with curves.

:author: Benoit GIELLY <>

import pymel.core as pm

[docs]def curve_from_nodes(degree=2): """Create a curve and snap each CVs on each selected nodes. Args: degree (int): The curve degree. Returns: str: The created curve node. """ selection = pm.selected() points = [] for each in selection: points.append( pm.xform(each, query=True, translation=True, worldSpace=True) ) curve = pm.curve(point=points, degree=degree), curve) return curve
[docs]def get_closest_point(point, node_list): """Get the closest point to each nodes in the list. Args: point (str): Node to evaluate the distance to. node_list (list): List of nodes to search for the closest to the point. Returns: str: The closest node. """ compare = float("inf") flags = {} flags.update(query=True, translation=True, worldSpace=True) pos = pm.xform(point, **flags) closest = None for node in node_list: node_pos = pm.xform(node, **flags) vector1 = pm.datatypes.Vector(pos) vector2 = pm.datatypes.Vector(node_pos) distance = vector1.distanceTo(vector2) if distance < compare: closest = node compare = distance return closest
[docs]def attach_nodes_to_curve(): """Attach selected nodes to selected curve.""" selection = pm.selected() curve = None nodes = [] # find nodes and curve for each in selection: shape = each.getShape() if shape and shape.type() == "nurbsCurve": curve = each continue nodes.append(each) # create locators if no nodes were found if not nodes: for i, point in enumerate(curve.getShape().getCVs()): name = "{}_{:02d}_locator".format(curve, i + 1) locator = pm.spaceLocator(name) pm.xform(locator, translation=point, worldSpace=True) nodes.append(locator) # connect nodes to curve's CVs for i, each in enumerate(curve.comp("cv")): node = get_closest_point(each, nodes) if hasattr(node, "worldPosition[0]"): node.worldPosition[0].connect(curve.controlPoints[i]) else: name = node + "_decomposeMatrix" mdcp = pm.createNode("decomposeMatrix", name=name) node.worldMatrix[0].connect(mdcp.inputMatrix) mdcp.outputTranslate.connect(curve.controlPoints[i])